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Our Staff

Diann: Owner

Diann has been the proud owner of Happy Tails Kennel for 29 years! She is a Cal Poly alumni who has been working with animals her whole life. Diann's side kicks are her two Belgian Malinois - Ranger and RaiRai. Diann likes to spend her free time outdoors & at her vacation house in Shaver Lake. 

Renee: Office Manager

Renee loves to take her four fur babies Rooney, Baron, Vino and Gizmo to the beach or the lake! She also competes in barrel racing on her horse Dude!

Veronica: Kennel Manager

Also known as "Vero" is our BOH Manager.
She is in charge of making sure our facility, kennels, yards and every nook-n'-cranny are in tip-top shape! She also ensures all our doggos are getting along, well taken care of and getting lots of play time in the yards! Vero is a Costa Rican native! Back in Costa Rica she owns a farm with lots of animals. Vero moved to SLO a little over 3 years ago and has been working at Happy Tails ever since. Vero is the proud fur mom to her red nose pitty Kalila, Lady Ezra the cat and red eared slider turtle Patrick!

Kathleen: Office Assistant

Kathleen is from Bend, Oregon and graduated from Cal Poly! She enjoys riding her horse, Roux and spending every moment with her doggo, Tanis. She has a passion training with 'Guide Dogs for the Blind'. When she's not working, she enjoys adventuring with Tanis riding shotgun and getting Thai food takeout :)

Camryn: Kennel Attendant

Camryn is a Morro Bay local. When she's not working at Happy Tails she enjoys taking her sweet aussie pup Midge to the beach, hiking and spending time with loved ones. Camryn has a huge heart for all animals and her dream job would be to rescue animals in need!

Joanna: Kennel Attendant

Joanna is the Happy Tails employee that has been with us the longest! She is currently attending Cuesta College on the quest to find her career. She has a dog named Rosco loves art and is taking classes at Cuesta College while she figures out her next step!

Lindsey: Kennel Attendant

Linsdey - our little vet in the making -

is currently attending Cal Poly acquiring her Bachelors degree in Animal Science for pre vet! She is a fur mama to her dog Max, cat Monster and two Leopard Geckos Ulalume and Jupiter! Her hope and dream is to one day work for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Conservation as a Veterinarian! In her free time she loves to travel while reading a good book.

Dana: Kennel Attendant

Dana loves going on hikes with her two fur babies Pancho and Maggie! She loves to travel and is always on the move!

Amanda: Office Assistant


Amber: Kennel Attendant


Amber- She has a big heart for animals and you can always catch her playing with the little dogs in our Toy Town yard. She is new to the area but loves going to the beach with her dog Daisy!

Amanda has always had a love for all dogs and loves to train the most challenging ones. She brings her dog Reign with her everywhere and loves to be out in the yards with our daycare dogs. She's a free spirit and is a great fit to our pack!

Katie: Office Assistant/Kennel Attendant

Katie does dog training on her spare time and she loves what she does! Dogs make her happy and she loves taking the time to get to know each and every dog that comes into her life. She brings her dog Larry to have a good time in the yards everyday. She hopes to one day have her own dog business!

Amanda: Kennel Attendant

Amanda loves to goof around with our boarding dogs! She has a great personality and never judges a book by its cover. She is currently attending Cal Poly to be a vet tech!

Christina: Kennel Attendant

Christina will play with just about any dog to occupy her time. She brings her young pup Peppercorn to play in the yards while she attends her classes. With her positive attitude every dog has a rad time with her!

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