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Dog Boarding

Vaccines Required:

Bordetella, DHPP & Rabies


We provide toys, beds and blankets and do not take personal belongings. We also provide our own food (Canidae dry and wet) but we will accept special diets for allergies/sensitive stomachs/etc. for a small fee ($1/meal). Please, no raw diets, human food, rawhide, or bones.


Your pet must be checked in by 4 pm on arrival day so your pet has time to acclimate to the facility, eat, and have some playtime before we close. We have staff who live on the premises that check on your pets every night, gives them cookies, and is available in the event of an emergency.


We can bathe your dog on the day s/he goes home for an additional charge. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are provided with each bath. Please visit our bathing page for more information.


Pets do great here for long-term stays. It is not uncommon to have dogs and cats stay here for a month or more at a time. You are more than welcome to have a friend come by to visit your pet or take them out for a walk if you are gone for a long time.


Large dog guests have their own 4' x 24' indoor/outdoor runs that are located in a building that has a heater and air conditioning. They are let out to large yards five times a day to run, socialize, and romp through the pools. Unsocial dogs go out individually in one of our five available yards throughout the day. All playgroups are formed based on size, temperament, and play style.


Small dogs have individual kennels in an indoor heated/AC room and are let out with only other small dogs in their own private yard five times a day or are roaming free all day during our hours.



Cat Boarding

Vaccines Required:

FVRCP and Rabies

Cats have the utmost luxury floor to ceiling condos filled with beds and thick blankets. Located away from the barking of the dogs, cats have window boxes to bird watch from. With a heater in the winter, fans in the summer, and classical music we make sure our cat guests are as comfortable as possible.


Cats are free fed Canidae dry and offered a small amount of Friskies wet food in the late afternoon as a treat. One condo at a time, cats are given the opportunity to roam free in the room to run around or claw at the cat tree. Our condos are large and can hold up to three or four cats from one family. We do not socialize cats with other cats but they can see their other neighbors in the room.

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