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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking new clients at this time?

  • We are taking new clients on a limited basis & when we have space available. Please call our office for questions, to make a boarding reservation, or to set your dog up for daycare. All pets need to be up to date and current on all vaccines prior to coming for daycare, boarding or bathing.


Do I need reservations to bring my pet in?

  • While we will accommodate walk-ins if we have room and have shots up to date, we are frequently on a wait list for weekends and holidays so you are better off making a reservation.


Can I come by and take a tour?

  • Yes! We encourage you to come by and see exactly where your pet will be staying. While we can do tours at any time during business hours, between 12am and 3pm is a bit mellower and we can spend more time with you.


What vaccines does my pet need?

  • We require dogs to be up to date on Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies. Cats need to be up to date on FVRCP and Rabies. You can bring these records in with you or have your vet fax them to 805.543.8963.


Can I bring my pet’s bed, toys or chew treats?

  • No. We have between 60 and 85 dogs boarding at a time and everything gets washed daily so we do not allow any personal belongings. We provide dogs with beds off the ground, fleece pad and blankets. Cats get plenty of blankets and toys.


Can my pet eat the food I feed at home?

  • We provide our food for free but are more than happy to serve your pet your own food for a small fee. We will not accept any human food (ground meat, cottage cheese, etc.) or raw diets.


So what should I bring for my pet?

  • We provide everything so all you need to bring is the shot records and contract if needed and any medications and food you wish for us to give to your pet. We DO NOT accept personal belongings, as we have plenty of easily washable fleece and blankets for your pet's stay.


Who will my dog be socializing with? Will my dog go out with aggressive dogs?

  • We want all dogs to be safe here so we only socialize social dogs with other social dogs of the same size.


Is there someone there at night?

  • We do have someone who lives here on the premises and checks on the pets at night.


Where will my pet be sleeping?

  • All pets sleep indoors with plenty of beds and blankets. Both dogs and cats have heaters and fans to ensure they are warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights.


Will you medicate my pet?

  • We will administer up to 2 medications for free, after that it is a $2-5 charge per day. We use cheese-wiz, Peanut Butter, or you can bring your own pill pockets to administer medications.


Do you accept pit bulls?

  • We do not discriminate against any dogs. If they are social, they socialize. If they are not social, they do not socialize-just like every other breed of dog. They are separated by size so we would never put a lab out with a chihuahua.


What if my dog is an escape artist?

  • We tell everyone that we are not the place for you if you have an escape artist. If a dog really wants to escape, it will. We do everything in our power to keep your dog safe but you must assume some risk in bringing your dog here knowing it’s escape history. We have particular yards especially for escape artists but we want everyone to know the risk.


What if something happens while I am gone?

  • We require everyone to have an emergency contact on file that can make decisions on your behalf if we cannot contact you or if you do not return for some reason. For vet care we try to use your vet but may use Mission Animal Hospital if your vet is unavailable or if it is an emergency. We use Atascadero Pet Hospital & Emergency Center if your vet or Mission is closed

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