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Doggie Daycare


Happy Tails has been relieving dogs of their endless energy since 1991. Daycare not only gives the owner some rest after a long day at work but also gives dogs an opportunity to socialize and just plain be a dog. Even if your dog is not social, they will still enjoy playing in our yards!


We have yards for every size and temperament, from rambunctious pugs to ball-crazy labs or delicate teacup chihuahuas, we have a yard that best suits your dog.


During their first few visits to daycare, we let them acclimate to their comfort level and place them in appropriate yards according to where they fit best. We have supervised only play as well as free-roaming, dog park setting play. We choose whichever setting is best for each individual dog and the comfort level of its owner.

Vaccines Required:

Bordetella, DHPP & Rabies

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