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Bathing Info

We offer bathing services for both our boarding dogs and our regular daycares. We try to keep them as clean as possible after their bath unless you let us know that they can go back out to play afterwards. 


Dogs coming for daycare that are getting a bath, pay the bath charge instead of the regular daycare fee! For every day of daycare your dog comes, you will receive a point worth $1 towards a bathing service the next month. If you also pay your bill before the 10th of every month, your pup will receive 5 bath points ($5) for the next month! Bath points are reset to zero each month & can be found on the previous month's bill.


Bath Prices

Baths start at $25 for a Chihuahua-sized dog, $25-30 for beagle-sized, $40 for lab-sized and $45+ for shepherd-sized dogs. $65+ for Great Pyrenees sized dogs. All bath prices will vary depending on the amount of brushing out that needs to be done.


In order to ensure that your dog can be bathed the day you would like, please call ahead of time. We do fill up on baths, especially on Sundays, Mondays and holidays.


Baths include a wash with choice of shampoo (oatmeal, hypo-allergenic, whitening shampoo, or flea shampoo), conditioning (oatmeal, hypo-allergenic, silk, or deshed) blow dry, ear cleaning, and nail trim. Anal glands can be done if requested for an extra cost and if one of our trained staff are available. All shampoo and conditioners we use are detergent free!


We also offer individual services (without a bath) such as maintenance brushing or nail trims. Nail trims are $10-15 and brush out prices depend on degree of shedding and time needed to furminate.

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