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September 2020

We are open for both DAYCARE and BOARDING. We have had to cut our staff in half with our lower numbers of guest. We have accepted the challenges these circumstances have brought to us. We plan on keeping our kennel with a smaller capacity for now and the future. Thank you so much for supporting us, especially during this odd time! 


March 23, 2020

Due to the circumstances following the COVID-19 we have made a few adjustments but we are very much still OPEN! We are still taking daycare and  boarding pets but have taken a few steps to minimize exposure or spread of this virus. We will be limiting our office foot traffic and will be putting a hold on our tours until further notice. We encourage doggie daycare and getting all of your pup's zoomies taken care of! If you are curious of what our facility looks like, please check out our photo gallery. With the limited staff, our main focus is caring for the pets we have in our care. If you need to get ahold of us, please email us at happytailskennel@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at (805)546-0587. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time!

Summer 2016- 25 year Anniversary!


We have created a new brochure and price list which we will be mailing out out to MOST of our current clients, you can also pick them up in the office.  There is also a new Daycare Brochure in the office and be sure to explore our new website as well.  There are lots of new photos of our remodeled facility.    


We did decrease our overnight numbers slightly for our new neighbors.  The good news is the atmosphere is less stressful for your pets and the staff alike.  We did not decrease our staff, they have been practicing our new noise control procedures since the fall.  The bad news of course is that it will be even harder to get in during our busy times.  We have wait lists started for most of the summer and holidays.  Now more than ever, please take some time to tour other facilities or find other back up arrangements.  We congratulate Thousand Hills, voted best Kennel this year by New Times.  We hope you check them out along with some of our favorites, Lucky Dog in Nipomo and Kennels of Springdale in Arroyo Grande.  We have a list of facilities in our office and on our website.  You could also check out Rover.com to find a pet sitting/dog walking service that comes to your home.  We may have weekday reservations open if a pet sitter could bring them in, or drop off for doggie daycare and take them home at night.  (Some of our staff may be on there!!)


Prices are going up $1 for dogs and cats, a $1 for each additional pet in the same sleeping quarters.  Our peak seasons are adjusted as follows: Summer went up an additional $2 for dogs and $1 for cats from last year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas require a 3 and 4 night minimum stay respectively and have gone up $5 for dogs and $2 for cats.  We will add discounts in the slower fall and winter months whenever we can. New Year’s hardly ever fills up so try to plan something then if you can.  Our daycare pricing structure has changed for new clients, although we are not accepting too many. See the daycare brochure for specifics.  We always try to make sure you get some added benefits whenever we increase prices but this time there are almost too many to mention.  Some other things we have added for you:  The office is now open until 6pm every day and check out for boarding is now 1-130pm with no extra charge.  The best addition is that the dogs are let out for their final potty time around 730pm instead of 530pm.  We have added some efficient new equipment as well as lots of sound proofing.  We have been going nonstop since the fall and there is still so much more to do.  We would love to show off our new improvements if you would like a tour, just ask!  Our cat rooms and Middle Town are particularly amazing.   Warning-- you may not want to leave the cat rooms.....


Many of you ask if we will be able to stay at our current location.  Yes!!  We have 2 years left on our lease and hopefully another 3 year extension after that. We will continue to find just the right capacity and work on our noise control procedures, but so far we have had no complaints from the closest homes which have been occupied for a few months now.  However, a busy summer is right around the corner so we will have a better idea after that.  Our staff is doing a great job of keeping dogs quiet in the morning until 9 or 10 am and then in the evening after 5.  Some guests may be too loud to stay with us overnight because it is in the evening that sound carries the most but hopefully our sound proof curtains work!  We are sure we can still accommodate quite a few dogs.  Time will tell and we are very determined. 


We are often asked if we have found a new location and the answer is no.  We are working with the SBA and currently looking for a larger home on several acres which will provide about 20-30 beds and some daycare of course.  The new facility will literally be “just like home” and we think it will be a great new twist on pet care that will be well received. If anyone knows of property in north or south county that could work email diburchak@gmail.com.  We hope to open one in 2017.  Transportation could be arranged from our SLO location.    


For right now we still have a lot of work to do preparing for summer and did I mention we are celebrating 25 years in business! We look forward to 25 more!! 


Happy Tails to you,


Diann CEO 

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